How it Works


Order for Delivery.

Please note, Delivery is only available in Upper Hutt at this stage.

Each day at 7am we list the products in our virtual “shop”, they stay live for 6hrs (so until 1pm the same day). The products are then delivered the next day.

If you purchase a product at 10am on Wednesday, this will be delivered on Thursday 

You will not be able to make any purchases after 1pm, each day the shop will be re-stocked with the products for the following day.

The idea is the "shop" has the stock for 6hrs and, then we have 16-24hrs to prepare your order.

That way if anything goes wrong in the supply chain, we can contact you and discuss options.



All orders placed for delivery, will be delivered between 10am-12pm.

 *There is a minimum spend of $10.00 for delivery, a set delivery fee of $5.00 is added at the checkout. 

At this moment we will only be offering delivery with in the Upper Hutt region.  All deliveries will be contactless.

I will txt or call you when I am about top deliver your order, If possible I will leave the order in a Door way, Porch or Letter Box or if you specify somewhere else. I will NOT open gates., If a gate is closed I will be sure to ring the number provided to seek your advice. 

Once the order is delivered Jeans no longer takes responsibility for the security of your products.


All sales are final, No returns, exchanges or refunds.